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We really only need to know your address and whether you want to get insurance for your primary or secondary residence right now. If you have more information it can help speed up the process or get you a better quote.  Hughes Insurance Services is licensed to sell anywhere in the state of Florida and all quotes are free, so if you have another home insured elsewhere, why not see if we can get you a better rate?


Auto Insurance is a little more complicated. We really do need almost all of the information on the form, so you should probably wait until you have some free time to fill it out. If you already have a home policy with us, bringing your car along is the smart move. Handling all your insurance through a single agency can help you save time and money. Just in case you were wondering, this form is for personal auto only. If you want commercial auto insurance, you have to call or email our office.

"This form is too long, I'm not an insurance agent!"

If you feel overwhelmed, or just prefer to deal with people instead of the internet, give us a call, send an email, or stop by the office and we will give you a quote in no time at all.

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