5 Reasons You May Need a New Insurance Quote

Insurance can be a hassle, but it is worth the extra time to save yourself $100 a month. At Hughes Insurance Services, we are happy to run you a new set of quotes whenever you need them. Here are some circumstances that may indicate you need to get your policy re-quoted by one of our experts.

  1. You Moved.

When you move, it changes a lot. You may be in a flood zone now, or your auto insurance rates may have plummeted because you no longer live near a college (living in an area with lots of accidents can raise your rates tremendously). No matter what type of insurance you are thinking about, moving is a big deal. Get your new insurance quote ASAP.

2. You had a renovation.

Major changes to your home can affect the insurance. A new roof, new windows on your house, a new break system in your car, among other things can affect your insurance premium. Many companies offer to lower your premium if you add safety features that could limit the amount you would expect them to pay in the event of a claim (for instance, anti-lock brakes can prevent you from totaling your car on a slippery road).

3. Your kids moved out.

Car insurance companies do not trust teenagers. The fact is they are one of the highest risks for an accident of any people group. No doubt you noticed a dramatic increase in your rates when your son, daughter, or other young driver (especially one with an accident on his or her record) was added to your policy. Good news, once they get older and move out, you can take them off your policy.

4. You got married.

For whatever reason, insurance companies DO trust married people more than single ones. The same goes for good students. If you or someone else on your policy has been doing well in school or settled down with that special someone, after you post about it on Facebook, call your insurance agent. Not only will we be happy for you, we will try to save you some money to spend on that wedding present.

5. It has been a while.

Lastly, if you have not had a new quote in a few policy periods, go ahead and ask for one. Rates are always changing and companies are always looking for new business. You may just find out that a new insurer has entered the marketplace in your area. It never hurts to check. If any of these scenarios apply to you, give us a call at 941-756-7400 or click here to request quotes that could save you money.